Hello world

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My first post will be a quick one just to state what the purpose and aims of this blog (and website in general) are.

I go through websites like there's no tomorrow - it's a job and a hobby. However, I intend for this one to stick around and so I'll outline what the aims and purpose of this site and blog are. So, I'm going to:

  1. Post and discuss code (C#, .NET, HTML, CSS, whatever) when I think something might be helpful to other people.
  2. Try out new stuff like playing with some web 2.0 sites and services.
  3. Practice and keep up-to-speed with coding, web design, etc.

The purpose of this blog/website will not be for:

  1. Posting personal and useless stuff about my life, etc. I'll keep everything tech-related.

I think that just about covers it.