Pimp my Visual Studio 2008 (developer tools)

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I was kindly tagged by Gøran Hansen recently on his post about Visual Studio developer tools and add-ons, and so here's my list of tools. I'm going to make this more of a "tech tools I use in general" list rather than exclusively a Visual Studio or .NET list. It's a more accurate view of my development environment this way.

Visual Studio / C# / .NET

  • Resharper. Code analysis and refactorings like no other tool. Visual Studio feels strange without it.
  • LINQPad. For quick LINQ testing and experimenting.
  • Snippet Compiler. Quickly run a bit of code, without creating a test project in Visual Studio.
  • NUnit. Runs side by side with the code I'm currently working on.
  • Reflector. For when I'm curious what's inside...
  • Web Service Studio. Type in a web service URL. See the methods it exposes. Call them. See the results. Easy!

Other tools

Heard about, want to use, but not had the chance yet...

  • XUnit
  • Subversion
  • jQuery intellisense in the new Visual Studio
  • WPF
  • Silverlight


Good list of tools. Great help :).