Deleting cells from a UITableView with MonoTouch

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This screencast shows the end-to-end process of how to create a simple iPhone application with MonoTouch. The application displays data in a table, and gives the user the ability to delete cells from the table.

The application consists of a UINavigationController, a UITableViewController and of course some UITableViewCells which can be deleted from their containing table.

Some things I mention in the screencast are:

  • Just like in my UINavigationController RSS example, I am using a template for UITableViewControllers which is based on the one I found at Code Snack.
  • Swipe to delete is enabled simply by overriding the CommitEditingStyle method in your UITableViewDataSource class.

The key bit of code from this example is the CommitEditingStyle method:

class DataSource : UITableViewDataSource
    EmployeesTableViewController tvc;

    // ...    

    public override void CommitEditingStyle(UITableView tableView,
                                            UITableViewCellEditingStyle editingStyle,
                                            NSIndexPath indexPath)
        if (editingStyle == UITableViewCellEditingStyle.Delete)
            tableView.DeleteRows(new [] { indexPath }, UITableViewRowAnimation.Fade);
    // ...


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